centro oceanografiaThe Centro de Oceanografia (CO) is a multidisciplinary marine research centre of the Portuguese national R&D system. The host institution is the Faculty of Sciences University of Lisbon (FCUL). The other partner institution is Évora University (UE).

The mission of CO is to develop, at high international level, basic and applied research in oceanography and aquatic ecosystems.

Diana Madeira was awarded the prize "Prémio Oceano" by the Centre of Oceanography.

Madeira dianaDiana Madeira was awarded with the "Prémio Oceano" by the Center of Oceanography, with the scientific article Thermal tolerance of the crab Pachygrapsus marmoratus: intraspecific differences at a physiological (CTMax) and molecular level (Hsp70) published in the international journal Cell Stress and Chaperones (2012, 17: 707-716). This study was conducted during her MSc studies at the Center of Oceanography, in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry/REQUIMTE of FCT-UNL, and it was supervised by Catarina Vinagre. Mário Diniz, Luís Narciso and Henrique Cabral also collaborated in this work.

The aim of the study was to test physiological (CTMax) and molecular (HSPs) intraspecific differences in the thermal tolerance of the crab Pachygrapsus marmoratus focusing on comparisons between sexes, size and habitat. The study shows the crucial importance of addressing intra-specific differences in the assessment of the stress response at different levels of organization and indicates that these differences are key factors in stress studies, climate change research and environmental monitoring.

Diana is currently a PhD student at the Department of Chemistry/REQUIMTE of FCT-UNL, under the supervision of Mário Diniz and Catarina Vinagre.

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